Words are like ribbons, unravelling us from within.  To me, unravelling is an opening up, emerging from behind shadows of fear, habit and expectations that have limited my living.  It can be scary, letting go of all the controls.  But the rewards are fantastic … more energy, aliveness and creativity.

As a creative writing teacher in my local community, I love listening to and sharing others’ stories, and especially witnessing new writers unravel their own ribbons of words and stories – so often surprising themselves.

We meet ourselves in the mirror of our writing communities – we discover who we are.  We are unravelled, re-woven and made anew…no longer separate, but integral colourful threads in a vast and complex tapestry.

This blog is a celebration of the power of words to connect us – with ourselves, each other and the Earth.

Nicola-Jane le Breton is currently studying Conservation and Land Management at Great Southern Institute of Technology in Denmark WA, is a volunteer with the Centre for Sustainable Living and runs creative writing classes specialising in life-writing, journalling and FreefallWriting.  Nicola also participated in the creation of two community writing and theatre projects, UNRAVELLING: DENMARK STORIES and OUR SECRET RIVER with Denmark Arts for the Brave New Works festivals in 2009 and 2010.